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Safeguarding/Child Protection and PSHE Links

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I receive many well-intentioned requests from the USA to add include links to US websites which have little relevance outside of the USA.
To avoid the links on this page becoming swamped by links to US-centric sites I have now placed a moratorium on adding links to non-UK sites.

For an overview of hazards posed by social media, online gaming, cyber bullying and video streaming visit

The webmaster of this site strongly recommends that you visit and promote the sites listed below.
They include advice on reporting suspected paedophile activity.

Virtual Global Task Force

International co-ordinated police action against Internet predators.

Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre

CEOP safety site by kids, for kids

NSPCC and O2 worked with Mumsnet, over 500 mums and dads and nearly 2500 young people to review and give guidance on the social networks and apps that children use.

A European (and beyond) site which includes blog posts for trending internet topics and a hotline where kids can receive support and report anything suspicious online.

Digital Safety: staying safe on line.

Part of a commercial website; but with advice on identity theft, scams etc., aimed at adults with and without children.

Excellent drug advice for young people and those who care about them.
How to Identify Hazards in the School

* plenty of valuable information such as:key responsibilities and legal obligations,
* health and safety awareness in school activities
* advice on bullying, discrimination, harassment, and victimisation within the school
* useful links to other online resources (e.g. HSE advice)
How to Keep children Safe in Public Spaces

• How outdoor play benefits children physically and socially,
• Understanding the risks of outdoor play and recognising potential outdoor hazards
• Tips for families to ensure spending time outside and in public spaces can be as safe and enjoyable as possible

Guidance, advice and confidential helpline from the
Lucy Faithfull foundation.

Rehab 4 Addiction is an excellent UK - based site for advice which includes a freephone line, search for local centres and "Request a call back"

OK Rehab is UK-based and run by people who are in recovery themselves. We now dedicate our lives to helping those also seeking to end their troubles with addiction.