John Taylor's Freebies
Interactive Whiteboard Files

The following files are primarily intended for use on an interactive whiteboard with a whole class or group. However they can be used one-to-one with a child.
All of the following files have been included on either the Literacy or Maths page.

Maths files Literacy files
On Screen NUMBER FACTS Probe
This program enables you to use precision teaching to practise number facts. It works in the same way as the other On Screen Precision Teaching Probes file. It uses the same on-screen buttons and keeps a hidden score. You can copy/paste in practice number facts from the sheets of tables an number bonds. You can even prepare sets of your own preferred number facts.
On Screen Precision Teaching LITERACY Probe
This file can be used for reading, or for spelling probes so long as the child can't see the screen!
The file uses the computer screen to randomly display words. You simply click on a tick of cross button at the bottom of the screen for each child response. The score is hidden from view until you scroll down at the end. The file has a sheet of high frequency words to paste in, plus a sheet to store your own sets of words.

Christmaths interactive worksheets
This file contains interactive sheets extending some of the activities from the printed Christmas maths sheets.

Word Snap
This file displays a pair of words each time you press the
F9 key.
You select a set of 12 words to play "snap" with. You can save sets of words within the file.

Fraction Snap
This file contains 3 "Snap" games which compare vulgar and decimal fractions and percentages.

Measurement Snap
Three "Snap" games which compare values expressed in cm and mm with metres, and g with kg.

Word Jumbler
Each time you press the F9 key this file randomly selects the beginning, middle and ending from a set of 5 words to make a "new" word which might be real or nonsense. Each part of a word can be a single letter or a few. The original file uses 5 CVC words but you can change them.
However check that your selection of words won't make anything you might regret - for example avoid using and take care for instance not to include sh
eep and sit together!

Number Snap This file contains 4 "Snap" games. The first randomly displays a number word (between zero and ten) and a numeral between 0 and 10. The other three sheets display 2, 3 or 4 numerals randomly chosen within a range which you specify.

Multiple Snap
This file randomly displays sets of numbers (within a range set by you), each time the F9 key is pressed.
the file also contains instructions and a scoreboard.

Sentence Jumbler and Sentence Jumbler - no macro version
This (two version) file jumbles up parts of sentences. there are 3 sets of sentences:
The first simply splits into two parts.
The second splits into 3: subject noun, verb then adverb.
The 3rd option is split in 4 parts: object noun, verb, adjective and predicate noun.
You can change the sentences I've used, though I'd advise you to keep a back up copy of the original safe!

Interactive Tables Practice "Sheets"
This file is designed for single users on computers; but can be used with a group on an Interactive Whiteboard .
You set the times table to be practised, the user types in their answer and gets feedback straight away to show if their answer is correct or not.

Other Class/Group Warm Ups
These files display large printed number equations with the answer space blank. They are intended to be used on an interactive whiteboard.
You control the parameters of the randomly generated numbers using the setup sheet within the file. To find the correct answer scroll down.
Pressing the
[F9] key replaces it with another equation.
You need to have the Analysis Toolpak Add In enabled.



Number bonds
(uses Macros)
Number bonds
(works without Macros)
CVC Practice
These CVC files have pictures and missing initial letters which have to be dragged over to complete the words next to the pictures. CVCs with a medial a CVCs with a medial e
CVCs with a medial i CVCs with a medial o
CVCs with a medial u

These CVC files practise all 5 vowels. CVCs with mixed vowels 1

CVCs with mixed vowels 2

These CVC files practise short vowel sounds.
short vowels 1 short vowels 2

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