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Other published work

Level Up Maths
I'm one of several people who wrote sections of the Access books for this superb KS 3 scheme, with lots of "bells and whistles".

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Classworks Numeracy
Classworks Numeracy has been written by Len and Ann Frobisher, myself (John Taylor), John Spooner, Thelma Page, Ray Steele, Mike Spooner and Anitra Vickery.
Len and Ann also edited the series.

Each strand was written as a continuum from year 1 work up to year 6, thus ensuring progression; and then the strands were rearranged into year-specific books. I wrote the Measures and Handling data strands.

Classworks is designed for the way you teach Numeracy. It gives you flexible ideas, not prescriptive lessons. Classworks is in blocked units, to fit with the latest thinking on curriculum delivery and is in line with new QCA advice.

Maths ExpressThese were my first published books which came out in January 2000.
As an unknown new-comer my name only appeared on the flyleaf - not on the cover!