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Interactive Resources - for whole class or group

new file Fraction Snap This file contains 3 "Snap" games which compare vulgar and decimal fractions and percentages.

new file Measurement Snap Three "Snap" games which compare values expressed in cm and mm with metres, and g with kg.

new file Random Numbers These files generate random numbers within paremeters that you can set. The first 2 sheets simply show 1 or 2 random numbers. The other 2 sheets put them in incomplete + or - number sentences
If you want number sentences with answers viewable see the next section on this page.

Number Snap This file contains 4 "Snap" games. The first randomly displays a number word (between zero and ten) and a numeral between 0 and 10. The other three sheets display 2, 3 or 4 numerals randomly chosen within a range which you specify.

Multiple Snap
This file randomly displays sets of numbers (within a range set by you), each time the F9 key is pressed.
the file also contains instructions and a scoreboard.

Other Class/Group Warm Ups
These files display large printed number equations with the answer space blank. They are intended to be used on an interactive whiteboard.
You control the parameters of the randomly generated numbers using the setup sheet within the file. To find the correct answer scroll down.
Pressing the
[F9] key replaces it with another equation.

You need to have the Analysis Toolpak Add In enabled.





Number bonds
(uses Macros) 27Kb

Number bonds
(works without Macros)24 Kb