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Here's a thought .....
Some of the sites below have been created by fellow teachers who graft all day at the chalkface then come home and spend "spare" time saving everyone else time by running resource websites.
It would be nice if just 0.01% of users took the trouble to email these folks the occasional "Thanks mate!"
Are you that one in ten thousand who uses the T word? ....... We all need ego strokes.
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[2] These recommendations and links are provided in good faith and I am not responsible for their content.
[3] In the Freebies spirit of this site, ALL of the links have been included FREE OF CHARGE.

I receive many well-intentioned requests from the USA to add links to US websites which have little relevance outside of the USA.
To avoid the links on this page becoming swamped by links to US-centric sites I have now placed a moratorium on adding further links to non-UK sites.

Driver Youth Trust is a charity committed to
improving the outcomes of young people who
struggle with literacy.
Gareth Pitchford's Primary Resources site sets the standard by which all other multi-subject sites are judged: well organised, user friendly, stacks of primary resources from teachers all over the UK.

This is a FREE American site with a range of interactive maths and language games. UK users will have to trawl through to find comparable levels.

This is a brilliant, colourful website where kids can look up maths terminology and get interactive, child-friendly explanations. It's particularly good for KSs 2 and 3.

This link takes you to a Sky Media page listing excellent UK - based, fun, educational programmes for kids of all ages.
It recommends a lot of BBC programmes such as Operation Ouch (a favourite of my grandchildren), Horrible Histories etc.
Please note: as with ALL the suggestions on my website I'm not on commission!

Times Ed Supplement

Over 700,000 resources made by teachers for teachers.
Chris Farmer's website
A range of "Freeware" programs including: Countdown Numbers Game Register with a donation to deactivate "nagware messages

Superb collection of resources, interactive quizzes, news - just what you'd expect from the Beeb at its best.

Another excellent site for downloading KS1 & KS 2 resources, and run by
UK-based teachers.

Key Stage 1 number resources, free downloadable worksheets, downloadable sample pages plugging their number-based story books
- a numerical cross between Letterland and the Mister Men!.

Operating face-to-face in London and East Anglia, and online ... anywhere!