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Welcome to my FREE, teachers' resource website. Some of the headings along the top toolbar are direct links whilst others give you links in a drop-down menu.

This website clocked up 1 141 393 hits in the year to 31st January 2018 2017
145 293 visits.

I have re-worked the Precision Teaching resources.
In the year ending Jul 2017 there were more than 81 175 visits to the Precision Teaching page and 781 500 downloads of precision teaching reading files (excluding the record sheet blank).

The Christmas Maths resources have now been revised - the printable versions of the 6 worksheets are now in one PDF file and tidied up versions of the interactive activities based on some of the worksheets are in a separate Excel file.

My Literacy and maths copymaster resource book Do Something Useful ! is available on line for FREE as a PDF file.
There have been more than 40 000 since November 2013.
To download your FREE copy click here.