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Tables Practice "Sheets" (91kb)
This file enables you to generate times tables practice questions either for printing out or for Interactive Whiteboard display.
Altogether there are nine choices of layout - three variations of where the answer has to be inserted; and a choice of multiplication only, division only, or a combination of both.

By pressing the [F9] key each sheet will jumble itself up giving 10 variations of each of NINE different formats of practice sheet for the times table you specify.

Interactive Tables Practice "Sheets" (24kb)
This file is designed for single users on computers; but can be used with a group on an Interactive Whiteboard .
You set the times table to be practised, the user types in their answer and gets feedback straight away to show if their anwser is correct or not.

For these files to work properly you make sure you have enabled the analysis toolpak add-in and allow macros.